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The complete guide to creating fine art prints

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Kudos on taking the first steps to transform your original art or photography into prints! This crucial step marks the beginning of monetizing your artistic creations and simultaneously opens avenues for additional income from your existing work. By offering prints, you're not just generating more funds from your art business but also expanding the reach of your art to a broader audience, establishing your artistic footprint, and preserving the essence of your creations for admirers far and wide. Hows good is that! 
And here’s the best part? We streamline the print creation process for your ease and convenience, to create a more passive income for you, allowing you more time to delve deeper into the creation or your art and artful promotion.

In this comprehensive step-by-step guide we will outline our process from the moment your order is placed until the final piece is delivered to you or your customer, along with some handy info and cheeky discounts for you to use on your first order with us. 

Giclee Printing

We offer impeccable quality Giclée printing for artists on museum grade, acid free fine art paper using genuine Epson Ultra-chrome Pro inks on the latest Epson P20070 printer. As artists and designers ourselves with a strong background in fine art printing, we take time with each and every client and understand the finer details required to achieve beautiful results and reproductions of your work at the highest possible quality.

So what is giclee printing? 

Giclee printing is a sophisticated digital printing technique renowned for its ability to reproduce high-quality fine art and photographic prints with exceptional accuracy and longevity. Derived from the French word 'gicler,' meaning 'to spray,' Giclee utilises advanced inkjet technology to create detailed and vibrant prints. Employing archival-grade pigment inks and high-quality substrates, Giclee printing ensures remarkable colour accuracy, sharpness, and longevity, faithfully capturing the essence and intricacies of the original artwork.

Paper Selection

Specialty papers chosen just for you.

Drawing upon our extensive experience, we've meticulously tested and explored various paper options to curate a selection of tried-and-tested paper stocks that cater to diverse applications. Our comprehensive assortment is thoughtfully categorised with descriptions to offer insight into each paper's recommended uses. However, we understand that individual preferences and the unique demands of each project may influence the choice of paper. Therefore, we encourage the exploration and experimentation of different paper types to discover the perfect match for specific artworks or photographs.

Test Print.

If you'd like to experience our paper selection firsthand, we offer sample packs of paper swatches that you can conveniently order online or pick up in-store. Additionally, if you're still uncertain about the best paper for your needs, consider ordering sample prints of your own work online. Use the code TESTPRINT at checkout to receive a 25% discount on your first test print order.

  • Ilford 310gsm Smooth Cotton  Rag

  • Ilford 310gsm Textured Cotton Rag 

  • Ilford 270gsm Gold Fibre Rag

  • Ilford 280gsm Smooth Cotton Rag

  • Ilford 280gsm Textured Cotton Rag 

  • Smooth 260gsm Fine Art Paper

Ilford 310gsm Smooth Cotton Rag: Ideal for high-end photography and fine art reproduction due to its smooth surface, providing excellent colour reproduction and detail.

Ilford 310gsm Artist Textured Cotton Rag: Well-suited for artistic prints, paintings, or illustrations due to its textured surface, which adds depth and enhances the tactile feel of the artwork.

Ilford 270gsm Gold Fibre Rag: This paper is great for producing rich black-and-white images and offers a classic look reminiscent of traditional darkroom prints. It's suitable for both photography and fine art reproduction.

Ilford 280gsm Smooth Cotton Rag (sprite): Very similar to the 310gsm but lighter in weight, a versatile choice suitable for various applications, including photography and art prints, with a smoother surface that accentuates details and colours.

Ilford 280gsm Textured Cotton Rag (sprite): Ideal for artists or photographers seeking a textured surface for their prints, adding depth and character to the final output. A great alternative to the 310gsm cotton rag but lighter in weight.

Smooth 260gsm Fine Art Paper: A cost-effective option suitable for general art prints, posters, or reproductions where a smooth finish is preferred.

*These papers form the primary selection available at our print house. If you have specific paper requirements not listed here, feel free to reach out, and we'll gladly order the paper stock to meet your uniqued needs.

Fine Art Printing Order Process

Ordering with us is simple, offering you two convenient methods; Online or via email.

Ordering Online

Visit our website to place your order by following 
these easy steps:


Choose your preferred print size.


Choose your paper.


Nominate if you would like a border for your print or if you would like your image printed edge to edge.


Upload your file for each print added to the cart. 


Checkout Securely. All online prices include GST.

Important details to consider:

Ensure your uploaded file matches the correct size for printing. If not, our design experts will skilfully crop your image to fit.

For the best print quality, upload your highest resolution image to avoid and pixelation or quality loss.

Larger, predominantly black prints will include a white handling border to protect against damage.

Standard border sizes: Up to A4 size - 10mm, Up to A3 size - 25mm, Up to A2 size - 30mm, Up to A1 size - 40mm, Up to A0 size - 50mm.

For urgent orders, select 'Urgent Order' at checkout for a priority upgrade (additional $25 charge).

Email Your Order

For bulk orders or a simpler process, email your order details to Here's what we need:


List your order requirements





Include specific details: paper stock, border preference, shipping address, or pick-up instructions for our Mermaid Beach shop.

For framed prints, specify your desired frame colour: raw oak, black, or white. Please see our framing information here for more details. 

Attach your files to your email or share the image link via Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, or any large file-sharing service you prefer.

We will send you an invoice to confirm your order, please check this invoice to make sure your order is correct and make payment by the due date to avoid any delay in your order being processed.

Similar considerations apply as per online ordering:

Ensure correct file sizes; we'll assist with cropping if needed.

High-resolution images prevent pixelation issues.

Large black prints include a protective white border.

Standard border sizes remain consistent, but specific requests can be noted in your order.

 Please notify us if your order is urgent or you ahve a specific deadline so we can work with you to meet it. 

Rest assured, if there are any anticipated issues with your file or print, we'll promptly reach out to ensure a seamless printing experience. 

File Setup - A Quick Guide

File Format and Size

Save your artwork in a high res JPEG or TIFF format at the correct print size. For photography, maintain the highest resolution possible. Scanned or photographed reproductions should be at 300 DPI (dots per inch) at the intended print size for optimal quality and detail. If you are printing multiple sizes of your work, you can just supply the largest size and we will scale it down for each print size. 

White Border Options for Your Prints

If you need a white border on your print, you can set this up in your file before sending it to us, or upon your request, we'll include a standard size border on your file. Please note that adding the border will slightly affect the cropping of your image, so if you want to maintain full control of your image crop, please set up your file yourself. Please note while incorporating the border, we will always maintain the ordered finished size unless requested otherwise.

For instance, if you order an A3 print (420mm x 297mm) and request a border, we'll set up your file with a 25mm border. This will result in your image size being 380mm x 247mm, maintaining an A3 finished size of 420mm x 297mm, with a 25mm border around your image.

Should you desire an additional border on top of your ordered print size, the final size would be 470mm x 347mm (420mm x 297mm image plus an additional 25mm border around your image). Please specify your preference when placing your order for this customized border size.

Colour Profile

Set your colour profile to Adobe RGB or sRGB for accurate colour representation.

Bleed and printer marks

We do not require bleed or crop marks, keep your artwork within the specified dimensions without additional bleed areas

File Submission

Submit your finalised artwork files through our website when ordering or via email. If your files are too large to send on email please send us a link to your google drive or dropbox or use wetransfer or any other large file sharing service you prefer. Be sure to name your files correctly to allow us to easily identify your files for accurate print quantities and sizes.

Artwork Review

Our team will review your submitted files to ensure they meet printing standards. We'll contact you for any necessary adjustments or clarifications before proceeding with printing.

AI Image Upscaling

If you've got a photo or image with low resolution and you wish to print it larger without any loss in quality or pixelation, we provide a solution through our AI editing program. Our AI-based upscaling process enables the printing of much larger sizes for your low-res files that typically couldn't be enlarged. This cutting-edge technology is relatively new, and we're thrilled to offer this service. The cost for upscaling an image is an additional $5 per file that needs to be enlarged.

Picture Framing

Each frame is individually crafted to order by our dedicated framer right here on the Gold Coast, utilising precise techniques and premium archival materials for uncompromised quality. Please anticipate a production time of up to 3 weeks for framed orders. 

We offer a classic box frame style that ensures a streamlined and timeless appeal, unless otherwise specified. This style has consistently been our most sought-after option throughout our extensive industry experience.

Frame Material

We use sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak, available in raw, white, or black finishes, ensuring both aesthetic elegance and environmental responsibility.

Frame Mouldings

Our frames feature a 20mm wide face, providing a balanced and refined look to complement your artwork or photograph.

Mat Board

We do not include a traditional mat board with our frames. Instead, upon request, we print a white border around your artwork, offering a contemporary and clean appearance reminiscent of a mat board but with a more modern touch.


For shipped orders, we use plexiglass to ensure safe transportation and delivery.

Additional Framing Options:

Add a Mat Board: If desired, a traditional mat board can be included to further enhance the presentation of your artwork.

Spacers for Shadow Box Effect: Opt for spacers to create a shadow box style frame, adding depth and dimension to your framed piece.

Float Mount: Choose a float mount option to present your print as if it is floating within the frame, offering a striking and modern display.

Art Glass - Non-Reflective: Upgrade to a premium Art Glass to reduce glare and reflections, ensuring a clear and uninterrupted view of your artwork.


We are committed to providing framing options that not only protect and showcase your artwork but also complement its visual impact. We can offer various frame materials and colours upon request, providing greater customization to suit your preferences. Should you have any specific requests or require further customization, please don't hesitate to contact us for personalised framing solutions.

We Print

We Package

We Ship

We fulfil 

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a method where we handle the entire fulfilment process for your print orders and print and frame orders. Once an order is placed by your customer, instead of you managing the inventory, packaging, and shipping, we take care of these steps for you. We directly ship the order to your customers on your behalf. This means you don’t need to keep stock or worry about the logistics of packaging and sending out the orders. It allows you to focus on creating art while we handle the printing and shipping aspects seamlessly. 

Operating without inventory also mitigates the risk of investing in prints that might not find buyers. Predicting the best-selling artwork and determining the appropriate quantity to order can be challenging. Drop shipping eliminates this uncertainty, offering a more cost-effective strategy for your business, ensuring funds are never tied up in unsold stock.

White Labelling Print Orders:

White labelling involves packaging and shipping your print orders without any visible branding or information from our printing lab. When we white label for you, we ensure that your brand—such as your artist name or company logo—is prominently displayed on the packaging materials. You have the option to provide us with any branding materials you'd like included with your orders, such as stickers for packaging, custom tissues for print wrapping, or thank-you cards. As part of the drop shipping service, we offer to print one complimentary certificate of authenticity or a single-sided thank-you card for each order at no additional cost. Your customers will receive their orders adorned with your branding, ensuring that the prints seem as though they were directly dispatched by you. This personalised gesture maintains a consistent brand experience for your customers, boosts your brand presence and fosters a cohesive brand identity for your art business.

Drop Shipping Process

Here is a quick run down on how our drop shipping service works! 


Integration: Easily integrate us as an admin or staff member on your ecommerce store, granting us access to your orders for seamless drop shipping. We monitor your web orders daily, handling printing and shipping and we will then fulfil your order with tracking directly on your website. This hassle-free method allows us to take care of everything, enabling you to focus on your strengths while we handle ours. 

You can refer to a basic guide on adding us as staff members on Shopify  and Squarespace. For other platforms, please reach out for assistance.


Alternatively, if you don't have an ecommerce store or prefer not to provide us access, simply email us your orders as they come in. We'll handle the printing, shipping, and fulfilment, providing you with the tracking details to forward to your customers

Certificate of Authenticity

We print this for free with every drop ship order (or a single-sided thank you card if a certificate isn't needed). You can access our CANVA template , which you can adapt and provide to us for printing. If desired, you can send us a digital signature to include on your certificate too. This saves you needing to come in and sign your certs.

Branding + Marketing Materials

Add any marketing or promotional materials you prefer with your orders, such as packaging stickers, thank you cards, or promo cards. Just supply these to us for use. If you need suggestions or assistance in organising these materials, please let us know; we're here to help.

Free Pick-Up Option For Your Customers

Customers from the Gold Coast can conveniently pick up their orders from our shop at 2/53-55 Cronulla Ave, Mermaid Beach, 4218. Please feel free to add local pick up to your ecomerce store as an option for your customers to save on shipping.

Turnaround Times for dropshipping

Print-only orders require up to 7 days, while print and frame orders take up to 3 weeks. Whilst we will likely complete your jobs earlier then this we suggest you add this information to keep your customers informed and eliminate any unnecessary customer enquiries. 


We white label your print orders without any visible branding from our print house. Instead, your branding is prominently featured, presenting the print to your customer as if it were dispatched directly from you. Every print is meticulously and securely packaged to ensure it arrives at your customer's doorstep in flawless condition, just as it was printed!

Prints sized up to A3 are carefully packaged with a backing card and archival sleeve, safeguarded within a rigid mailer for secure shipping. For larger prints, we delicately roll them in archival glassine and protectively encase them in a sturdy 3mm tube to ensure safe transit.

Framed print orders undergo a stringent packing process for maximum protection. They are securely wrapped in bubble wrap and custom boxed using robust double corrugated cardboard to safeguard them during shipping.


We primarily dispatch a majority of our orders using Australia Post, while larger orders are shipped through local couriers such as Aramax and TNT. Every order is fully trackable, offering complete visibility of its delivery progress. 

Shipping Times

You can find estimated delivery times for Australia Post here

Shipping Guarantee

We provide insurance coverage for each package, eliminating concerns about loss or damage. In the unlikely event that an item is damaged or lost during transit, we'll reprint and ship it at no extra cost to you.


Please note: In order for us to replace a damaged item, we must have photo evidence of damage to the exterior packaging and of the damage to the print. Claims must be submitted within 24 hours of receiving the damaged order as we need to stick to the guidelines set by our courier services. If you need to make a claim, please notify us at with your order number, client name and photographic evidence. 

International Orders

Presently, we ship print-only orders and rolled canvas prints internationally. Framed prints or stretched canvas are not shipped internationally at this stage. International shipping costs a flat rate of $50 for prints up to 1m. Discounts apply for orders to NZ or smaller prints that have lower shipping costs. We ensure fair shipping charges and will never overcharge you.

What is included in the dropshipping fee?

We provide a fixed dropshipping fee determined by the print size ordered. This fee covers shipping expenses, packaging, handling, and includes a complimentary certificate of authenticity or a single-sided thank-you card, based on your preferences.


Artists receive an itemized invoice for fulfilled orders weekly, with payments due upon receipt, unless specified otherwise.

Drop Shipping Price Guide

All pricing includes shipping costs, packaging, handeling, complimentary COA or thank you card, your provided branding materials and comes with our shipping guarantee. 

Domestic Shipping - Print Only

Print Size



Australia Post - Standard Tracked

Up to an A3 Print (420mm x 297mm)

Backing card and archival sleeve sent in a Rigid Mailer

$20 +gst

Australia Post -  Standard Tracked

Up to an A1 Print (594mm x 841mm)

Rolled in archival glassine and shipped in a sturdy 3mm tube

$25 +gst

Australia Post -  Standard Tracked

Up to an A0 Print (841mm x 1189mm)

Rolled in archival glassine and shipped in a sturdy 3mm tube

$30 +gst

Australia Post -  Express Tracked

Up to an A3 Print (420mm x 297mm)

Backing card and archival sleeve sent in a Rigid Mailer

$24 +gst

Australia Post -  Express Tracked

Up to an A1 Print (594mm x 841mm)

Rolled in archival glassine and shipped in a sturdy 3mm tube

$29 +gst

Australia Post -  Express Tracked

Up to an A0 Print (841mm x 1189mm)

Rolled in archival glassine and shipped in a sturdy 3mm tube

$34 +gst

Courier -  Standard Tracked

Prints up to 1500mm

Rolled in archival glassine and shipped in a sturdy 3mm tube

$40 +gst

International Shipping - Worldwide 

- Print Only

Print Size



Australia Post - Standard International - tracked

Up to an A3 Print (420mm x 297mm)

Backing card and archival sleeve sent in a Rigid Mailer

$40 +gst

Australia Post - Standard International - Tracked

Up to 1m

Rolled in archival glassine and shipped in a sturdy 3mm tube

$50 +gst

Courier - Standard International - Tracked

Over 1m

Rolled in archival glassine and shipped in a sturdy 3mm tube

Price will be quoted by our team based on size and location.

Domestic Shipping - Framed Items

Print Size



Courier - Standard - Tracked

Up to an A3 size (420mm x 297mm)

Custom boxed im double corrugated cardboard.

$50 + gst

Courier - Standard - Tracked

Up to an A2 size (420mm x 594mm)

Custom boxed im double corrugated cardboard.

$60 + gst

Courier - Standard - Tracked

Up to an A1 size (594mm x 841mm)

Custom boxed im double corrugated cardboard.

$85 + gst

Courier - Standard - Tracked

Up to an A0 size (841mm x 1189mm)

Custom boxed im double corrugated cardboard.

$100 + gst

Courier - Standard - Tracked

Over 1m

Custom boxed im double corrugated cardboard.

Price will be quoted by our team based on size and location.

NOTE: We are not responsible for shipping carrier delays.

Artwork Scanning

It all starts with your image. 

When creating prints from your original artwork, it’s imperative to start with an exceptional file. That's where we come in. We scan your original artwork at a true optical resolution of 600 pixels per inch, this enables your art to be enlarged up to four times its original size. 

When you scan with us, you're not just receiving a digital replica of your work, you're employing passionate artists with a meticulous eye for detail to ensure that your artwork is rendered as close to the original as possible. We ensure that each scan or print is handled with absolute care and ensure all of our equipment is calibrated to provide the best possible outcome. While we can take credit for the passion, care and upkeep of our equipment, there is certainly some credit that must go to these machines. We Sell Prints only uses industry-leading equipment that is used throughout the world by the best image reproduces ensuring that even the most minute details are rendered in your final image.

What is Artwork Scanning and how does it work? 

Artwork scanning involves the use of specialised scanners, such as the Epson scanner we employ, to digitise artworks with exceptional precision and detail. This process ensures the faithful reproduction of the original artwork, capturing nuances in colour, texture, and fine details that might be challenging to capture through photography alone. Utilising high-resolution scanning technology, artwork scanning provides superior clarity and accuracy, allowing for precise colour reproduction and tonal range. Compared to photographing artwork, scanning offers several advantages, including minimised distortion, even lighting, reduced glare, and consistent image quality across the entire artwork surface. With the Epson scanner's capabilities, we ensure that each scanned artwork maintains its integrity and true-to-life representation, making it an optimal choice for digitising artworks for reproduction or archiving purposes.

Scanning services

We Sell Prints provides three distinct scanning services, each tailored to meet different needs while utilising the same cutting-edge equipment. These services are differentiated by the level of detailing in the finalised file:

Raw Scan

Receive your artwork as a raw TIFF file, untouched and unprocessed. Recommended for individuals proficient in Photoshop or retouching software, this basic option suits those preferring to handle extensive post-processing themselves. 

For optimal print outcomes, particularly for fine art prints, our Full Service Scan (outlined below) is recommended.

Basic Scan

Our team performs a basic retouch and cleanup of your scanned artwork, along with standard colour correction, providing you with a high-resolution file. This option is ideal for those seeking a moderately refined digital file. You'll receive a master file, a low-res file, and an A4 proof printed on a fine art paper. 

For optimal print outcomes, particularly for fine art prints, our Full Service Scan (outlined below) is recommended. 

Full Service Scan

For those aiming for the highest-quality fine art prints, our Full Service Scan is the ideal choice. This comprehensive service includes scanning, detailed retouching, colour balancing, and proofing. You'll receive a master file, a low-res file, and an A4 proof printed on fine art paper. Our meticulous attention ensures the print-ready file closely matches the nuances and authenticity of your original artwork, guaranteeing exceptional results for your prints. 

Ordering Online

Ordering our Artwork Scanning services is just as seamless as ordering fine art prints, available both online and via email. To purchase scanning services online, follow this link: 




Choose from our range of services—raw, basic, or full service

Select your preferred size, and proceed to checkout.

Once you've completed your purchase, you can drop off your original artwork at any time during our business hours or conveniently ship it to our location at 2/53-55 Cronulla Ave, Mermaid Beach QLD 4218.

Important details to consider:

For added security, we highly recommend acquiring tracking for your shipment and sharing those details with us. Although we've never encountered any lost artwork, you can opt for additional insurance through Australia Post for extra peace of mind.

Order Via Email

 To purchase scanning directly with us, simply get in touch via email.






Send an email to with a breif description including the size of your artwork and schedule a drop-off time.

Visit us at 2/53-55 Cronulla Ave, Mermaid Beach QLD 4218 to drop off your art and discuss your requierments further.

Select the service type you require and we will create a job sheet for your order and schedule your scanning in.

We will send you an invoice to confirm your scanning

We will notify you when your scanning is complete and you can come in to pick up your artwork and test print.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, would like a copy of our complete price list including bulk printing discounts or would like to discuss any of our services further, please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP. 

Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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